What Parents Are Saying About the Garden Path School:

"My daughter has been a Garden Path student since it opened and my only concern is that my daughter will someday age out of the program!

Angela interacts with the children with love, compassion, and understanding. Her extensive experience with teaching is evident by the confidence she has in handling most any situation.

Angela has an obvious passion and enthusiasm for teaching, which translates to the children. I trust her care-taking of my daughter and know that she supports and furthers the care and direction that I also give to my daughter - that is priceless!

I wouldn’t want my daughter to go anywhere else."

-Carin B.

"I couldn't imagine a school like this existed.

Our 2 year old daughter has transformed in the 2 months she's been attending. She speaks so much now and her vocabulary has multiplied, she listens better to her parents and she had built confidence in doing things herself like putting on her shoes and clothes. It is remarkable how much happier she's been.

We also love the regular updates through the app which allows us to be "present" in activities such as reading, dancing or watching caterpillars become butterflies. We highly recommend to anyone who wants their kids on an accelerated and experiential learning path that raises their emotional intelligence. "

-Matthew B.

Our son has been going to Garden Path for almost a year. He's been learning very quickly and is exposed to all kinds of great learning activities he wouldn't be getting at home.

Angela is great about collaborating with us as parents so that we're all on the same page and can keep him stimulated according to the different development phases.

Highly recommend Garden Path!